lunka florilor park | pipera residence | UNArte extension | Benetton Teheran | Rakvere St. Paul's church
green 360 | BCU extension | arhetipuri 2011 | University Square | Badel blok | collider activity center
international competition organised by Rakvere city government ( Estonia ) for realization of Arvo Pärt hall and restoration of St Paul's church
competition organised by Petrom - editia 2007 - "lunca florilor" park, sector 2, Bucuresti
competition organised by UAR and OAR - feb. 2008 - single family residence outside Bucuresti
competition organised by UNA and OAR - 2008 extension and remodeling of UNA art school building, Bucuresti - third place
international competition organised by Benetton group - 2009 competition for a multifunctional building in Teheran - Iran
international competition green 360 - lofts by the golf course, cerros de camacho, Lima, Peru - honorable mention 2010
national competition for the extension of the Central Universitary Library "Lucian Blaga"- Cluj-Napoca
two stage international competition Arhetipuri 2011 - second place
international competition for the design of the above ground public space University Square- Bucuresti - mention 2011
international competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the Badel site redevelopment, Zagreb, Croatia - 8th place, 2012
international competition organized by Walltopia for the construction of Collider Activity Center, Sofia, Bulgaria - 2013
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